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Mobilfish Services

Feature-Rich Mobilfish!

Mobilfish, is an online global community that now connects your friends through Mobile Network even when you are away from Internet. Here you can either use your Mobile-sms or Mobilfish-Private Chat, to experience the IM (chat). With free Web SMS service and many more.

Highlights of Mobilfish service!

  • SMS from Web to any Mobile in India – FREE!
  • SMS from your Mobile to your Group(s) in single SMS Go!
  • Send SMS to your Group(s) from Web itself – FREE!.
  • Update your status on Web even from your Mobile!

Its a Mobile Messenger:

Mobilfish is an exciting and innovative service that offers the power of text chatting from your Mobile with in a personalized set of Group(s).

Three Simple steps to use Mobilfish Mobile Messenger.

  • Activate your Mobile
  • Invite your friends
  • Create Groups and Organize them into Groups

Now you can compose messages(sms) and send it to Mobilfish. i.e.SMS to 9773467677. Mobilfish service will forward each message to entire Group(s) contacts, @ single SMS cost from Mobile.(follow the SMS format.)

Its a Web Messenger:

Private Chat(IM), Connect with friends from any web browser - no download required. Chat with a friend or Group of friends separately.

Free Web SMS service:

One can send free sms from here on Web to any Mobile in India. Send Group SMS to all your Mobilfish friends from Web itself.

Update on Web - What are you doing?

An Update is a Global message about your status directly on Mobilfish Web that is Answering, what are you doing? You can place your Updates to friends and family about your status.which is displayed at Notice Board. It can be a Greeting, a quick recommendation, a news bit, a hot tip, a link to a favorite image, a cool web site, a wish, a hint, a punchline, a flavor of the day, movies, jokes, invitations and many more. Its any quick thought you want to share with everyone you know or just with a group of friends. You can Update your message as often as you like and you can set it Private or Public.

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