The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.

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Subject: Mobile Users

Blog created on:19/10/09           Time:07:23:22 AM
Content : Now a days many people are using MOBILES.

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Subject: 10 ka Dum

Blog created on:27/04/09           Time:03:05:13 AM
Content : The last episode of 10 ka Dum will be telecast on Sunday, 14 Sept and that happens to be the immersion day of Ganpati idol this year. The most sung song on Ganpati immersion is ‘Aab ke baras louke awa’. The poet implies that this year will be a good year due to the blessings of Ganpati and good times fly fast that’s what the last phrase means, hence the next season of Ganpati worship will come earlier. This season of 10 Ka Dum ends with the last episode and hope the next season will come soon. We started working from the last week of March’08 and rehearsals started in the first week of April. From March to July – the time moved so fast that we hardly realized we have worked so hard for such a long stretch of time. The entire unit of nearly hundred seventy people worked like a family and all of us enjoyed it very much. On the last day of shooting that’s 21st July we all felt a little sad. Working for 10 Ka Dum helped me a lot to understand myself and the process involved interacting with common people coming from various fields and cities. It was really surprising that most contestants revealed their inner fears and hopes candidly. It was all good fun and great experience. For our final episode my friend ever reliable Rani Mukherji came with Lara Dutta. Shakeel – the comedian from Pakistan has tremendous timing and wit. Rakhi Sawant was as usual very frank and earnest. The Sawant- Shakeel bantering brought the house down. Some contestants from earlier episodes also came and talked about post telecast experience. Its really heartening that a lot of people responded to this blog and I thank Sony people to have presented it so well. So friends, God willing we shall soon be in touch with each other again. We go away only to come back…love you all.

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